Technical Insights
Technical Insights

What is FlexiRemap® Technology?
AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® technology is software based on improving the fundamentals of flash memory. It was awarded Best-of-Show Technology Innovation at the Flash Memory Summit show in 2016.
Our proprietary FlexiRemap® technology enables AFAs to meet data-access demands more efficiently than conventional storage arrays or Flash arrays running RAID schemas. FlexiRemap® is crucial in speeding up random-write access patterns, which significantly cause storage bottlenecks. FlexiRemap® ensures that AccelStor storage devices meet the stringent performance demands of mission-critical applications.

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    How Does FlexiRemap® Work?

    Most enterprise-data traffic has random writes and contributes to storage-access bottlenecks in real-world data centre operations.
    FlexiRemap® overcomes these challenges by rearranging new data into sequential block addresses before passing it to the SSDs. In this way, FlexiRemap® reduces the workload of SSDs by enabling them to write sequential data into consecutive pages directly.

    Cache-free technology: most flash arrays write data through Write-Back, that is, write to cache. And data can only be written to SSD from a cache by replacing, which can increase write speed but comes with the risk of data loss. FlexiRemap® writes data directly to the SSDs without caching, sustaining high performance while ensuring data reliability.

    Data tiering mechanism extends SSD lifespan: FlexiRemap® manage data in three layers - hot data, cold data, and warm data, which reduces the effect of performance and lifespan when the underlying SSD execute garbage collection.

    Reduced SSD IO load: Unlike RAID technology, FlexiRemap® technology transfers random write to sequential write, which reduces SSD IO load in the event of garbage collection.

    Strengthened system control: The SSD Control IC can only manage one disk with no control over other disks. Therefore, although it facilitates flash stability and performance, overall system management is more critical for customers in the extensive use of clusters or arrays, especially large-scale data centers. And FlexiRemap® perfectly meets your requirements.

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    AccelStor’s proprietary FlexiRemap® all-flash management technology provides more stable and secure performance without using a data cache for acceleration. The optimized seven features: better performance, longer SSD lifespan, data protection, uninterrupted service, active-active architecture, snapshot & clone, and data reduction, can perfectly meet the requirements of various application scenarios.

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