Professional Models

NeoSapphire P710

Powered by proprietary FlexiRemap® technology, AccelStor’s NeoSapphire P710 Professional AFA unleashes the full potential of flash storage performance, offers a wide range of storage options in various form factors, and empowers enterprise data storage with rich functions. P710 can sustain an average of over 700K I/O per second, even in the most stringent 4KB random write application scenario, while supporting many software functions like backup and thin provisioning, offering professional storage solutions for virtualization and big data analysis.

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    Sustained High Performance

    AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® technology is tailored for all flash memory management, which manages underlying flash memory from the core level of the operating system to maximize SSD performance. Unlike conventional RAID technology, FlexiRemap® can maximize each SSD utilization by distributing data evenly to the underlying SSDs after re-arranging the writing order to balance the SSD load. With the proprietary technology, NeoSapphire® Professional AFA can fully utilize all flash module bandwidths, delivering storage performance with 70-110K IOPS sustained and meeting high-performance requirements of I/O intensive applications, such as artificial intelligence, virtualization, database, and media production.

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    Flexible Scale-up Capacity

    AccelStor’s NeoSapphire Professional AFA offers a wide range of storage options in 2U to 6U space-saving form factors. It can provide a usable physical capacity of up to 228TB, which saves data centre space while ensuring optimum and flexible resource management for enterprises.

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    Robust Data Protection

    Unlike conventional RAID technology, AccelStor's proprietary algorithm FlexiRemap® can activate its data protection mechanism if one SSD fails, avoiding 2 SSD failures in the same group and eliminating data loss risk. With the support of snapshot, Free Clone, and snapshot backup features, NeoSapphire High Availability AFAs can execute data restoration in case of accidental loss.

    AccelStor's NeoSapphire AFA also supports remote replication for disaster recovery by establishing a transmission channel between the user's production and disaster recovery centres.

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    Low Total Cost of Ownership

    TCO encompasses maintenance and labour costs per terabyte. Compared with conventional HDD, all-flash arrays can significantly ensure low TCO by reducing power usage by 76%, administrative fees by 48% and maintenance costs by 16%. AccelStor’s NeoSapphire® Professional AFA abandons conventional RAID technology while using its self-designed FlexiRemap® algorithm. Its data-tiering mechanism increases SSD lifespan by 40-60% and doubles the service life of the storage system. With an excellent price/IOPS ratio, NeoSapphire® AFA ranks No.1 in the SPC-1 Price-Performance Rankings.

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    Various Application Environments Support

    AccelStor's NeoSapphire® AFA can support Vmware, OpenStack and Kubernetes through driver plug-ins. It also supports the external management of the third-party platform based on the standard RESTful API, meeting various customer needs.

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