D1000 Series
  • 2022122005583623
    Proliferating Data Requirements

    New changes have been brought to our work and life with the development of cloud services, big data and analysis, social networking, professional Internet products, and other technologies. New great challenges are posed to the data center at the same time.
    IDC predicts that China’s data volume will reach 48.6ZB in 2025, 80% of which is unstructured data (documents, pictures, videos). Dealing with proliferating data and avoiding data corruption has become a key challenge for data center storage.

  • 2022122005584367
    Challenges Facing Data Center Storage

    From PB-level storage capacity and performance requirements to elastic scalability required to be upgraded with business systems, high storage costs, and uninterrupted business operations when dealing with significant problems, data center storage becomes more challenging.

  • 2022122005584939
    Unified Distributed Storage with Agility, Efficiency, and Stability

    AccelStor NeoAmethyst D1000 Distributed Unified Storage can easily solve your problem of surging data. This large-scale software-defined storage platform is ideal for environments with massive online data and can ensure sustained high availability with elastic and extensive capacity expansion.

  • 2022122603072729
    Diverse Application Scenarios in Various Industries

    NeoAmethyst D1000 can provide easy unstructured data management in physical, virtual, and cloud environments, such as media contents (video, image, audio, etc.), backup images and archiving, virtual images, as well as big data (log, RFID data, etc.)

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