Case Studies
Case Studies

8.5x Performance Improvement for Financial Big Data Analytics

• Upgrading TEJ infrastructure with high-performance storage
• 8.5x performance improvement for financial data analytics
• Stable system platform with robust data protection
• Easy and flexible deployment
• Complete and timely technical support

Thanks to the high performance of AccelStor’s all-flash storage solution, the deep computing time is shortened significantly from 17 days to just 2 days, which not only maximizes our operational efficiency but also helps deliver a consistently high-quality experience for our customers.
Peter Young, Director of Information Technology, Taiwan Economic Journal
  • Challenges

    Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ) was founded in April 1990 to provide decision-makers with the best quality, in-depth and timely financial data and corporate and financial market information. One of TEJ’s goals is to provide accurate and timely financial data to accelerate enterprises’ decision-making processes. However, with data volumes growing drastically and getting more complex, existing storage systems created performance bottlenecks. Upgrading its current infrastructure with high-performance storage thus became a priority for TEJ.

    TEJ’s original infrastructure includes two Oracle SPARC T4-1 servers; each installed with four Oracle Solaris Zones operating analytics virtual machines. As the amount of data increased, the disk I/O caused a bottleneck and a subsequent slowdown in virtual machine performance occurred. By introducing a new storage system, TEJ hopes to achieve the following objectives: 1.) Optimize computing performance to ensure timely delivery of accurate financial data; 2.) Fault-tolerant systems with robust data protection, delivering instant recovery time objectives (RTO) and non-stop availability.

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    After testing many storage products, TEJ chose AccelStor’s 16Gb/s Fibre Channel all-flash array—NeoSapphire™. Powered by the award-winning FlexiRemap® software technology, the NeoSapphire™  is equipped with a proprietary data remapping algorithm and Fibre Channel connectivity, significantly speeding up the application performance while ensuring low latency and high reliability. It can also be easily integrated with SAN architectures, making it suitable for mission-critical applications. Due to its outstanding performance, stable system platform, and relatively low total cost of ownership (TCO), AccelStor’s NeoSapphire™ all-flash array stood out from other storage products.

  • 2022121907451099

    "Big data trends continue to grow and drive the need for database platform with higher performance and reliability. AccelStor’s all-flash solution offers outstanding performance and stability as well as superior price-performance ratio. Besides AccelStor’s technical service team provided timely and first-rate technical support during the deployment of the NeoSapphire™ AFA. The entire installation and configuration were quite smooth. After introducing NeoSapphire™ AFA, we see a substantial improvement in the performance and stability of TEJ system. " said Peter Young, Director of Information Technology, Taiwan Economic Journal. After introducing the NeoSapphire™ AFA to the platform, there was a remarkable enhancement in virtual machine performance. The overall efficiency of data analytics increased by 8.5x, enabling TEJ to deliver accurate financial data in a timely manner while investing ample time on creating value-added services to their customers.

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