Case Studies
Case Studies

Everything about Education Should Be Paid Attention- AccelStor AFAs Facilitate the Work of the Education Examination Authority

Security and stability are undoubtedly the core data storage requirements for the education examination authority.
  • Customer Profile

    Found in 2001, the education examination authority organizes various national examinations,  social examinations, etc.

  • Challenges

    The test specification guiding the large-scale online examination marking work asks that all exam papers be stored as data slices after being scanned. The image encryption algorithm is used to verify whether the encrypted information corresponds to the image during the image transmission and marking of the test papers. Statistics showed that 574,900 people signed up for the 2021 exam, whose test papers generated more than 50 million data slices. There should be no risk in marking work during the 80,000 hours to get each test paper slice checked within five days, which puts extremely high requirements on the storage network of the education examination authority.

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    After strenuous searching and comparing, the education examination authority finally chose AccelStor's NeoSapphire H710 AFA. NeoSapphire H710 uses 100% proprietary FlexiRemap® flash memory management technology with more than 600 patent claims worldwide, featuring:

    •  High Performance

    H710’s proprietary FlexiRemap technology can maximize each SSD utilization by evenly distributing data to the underlying SSDs to balance the SSD load. AccelStor’s proprietary algorithm excels conventional RAID technology with a performance increase of 3-7 times, and each node can sustain an average of over 700K IOPS for 4KB random writes.

    •  “3+2+5” data protection strategy

    “3”: AccelStor’s AFA uses a symmetric active-active architecture. Each node is equipped with two protection groups and two hot spare disks for this design.

    “2”: Support Snapshot and Clone.

    “5”: Support real-time data synchronization to fully back up local snapshot files to remote nodes, external NAS storage devices, public clouds, and other locations.

  • Benefits

    •  Proprietary Architecture Ensures High Security and Stability

    AccelStor’s proprietary symmetric active-active shared-nothing design strengthens performance and backup mechanism and realizes real-time data synchronization between two nodes through high-speed interfaces. Even under the data protection level of double replicas, the storage architecture can still achieve ultra-low latency synchronous writing within 1 millisecond and storage reliability up to 99.9999%. Thanks to FlexiRemap’s built-in 2(N+1) proprietary algorithm, NeoSapphire™ AFA can sustain the service when two SSDs fail at the same time or even in the event of a controller or flash drive failure.

    •  Easy to Manage

    Adhering to the principle that "best service is based on high-quality products," AccelStor tries to provide excellent products with minor maintenance work and system with high stability for a good user experience. At the same time, under time and work pressure, AccelStor overcomes various challenges and keeps providing fabulous professional services to facilitate the college entrance examination work of the education examination authority.

    The test team of the education examination authority accomplishes their training by AccelStor's engineers in only half a day. Except for product installation, the testers complete all tests, while AccelStor's engineers provide on-site assistance. With easy-to-use product design and professional services, AccelStor reduces the burden and cost of enterprise operation and maintenance and improves efficiency.

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