Case Studies
Case Studies

What are the criteria for a leading cloud service provider to select a data storage system?

  • Customer Profile

    This leading cloud service provider has achieved prominent rankings in various sectors, solidifying its position as a top player in the China market. Notable accomplishments include being No. 1 in China's cloud infrastructure market, healthcare cloud infrastructure market, proprietary cloud infrastructure market, and recognized as the best Hybrid Cloud Provider in China. Additionally, it has secured the top spot in the financial cloud category and earned the title of No. 1 on the list of cloud-native enterprises for the year 2022. Leveraging its nationwide cloud resource advantages, the company has spearheaded the digital transformation of over 8,000 medical institutions by providing cutting-edge medical cloud infrastructure services.

  • Challenges

    As outlined in the White Paper on China's Medical Cloud Infrastructure and Application by IDC, the company faces the complex challenge of catering to various medical business scenarios. These scenarios encompass eight types of digital transformation platforms, including intelligent hospital platforms, medical community platforms, regional medical platforms, among others, involving 40 application scenarios such as medical core business and medical image management. Ensuring high-performance and highly available centralized Storage Area Network (SAN) services is crucial, particularly for applications like Hospital Information Systems (HIS). Efficiency, security, and stability are essential considerations in selecting data storage suppliers. Additionally, the company needs to integrate medical IT support services, including on-site support and maintenance of cloud server rooms, to enhance the capabilities of its high-level medical cloud.

  • 2024022103030532

    Following an extensive Proof of Concept (POC) phase, AccelStor's NeoSapphire all-flash AFA, paired with bare metal servers, emerged as the final choice for the cloud service provider. The solution was successfully applied to the medical cloud project in Southeast China.

  • 2024022102510697
    • 5X Improvement in Database Performance: The NeoSapphire all-flash array demonstrated significant performance gains, achieving a remarkable 2.3 million TPMC, marking a 5X increase compared to traditional storage systems when applied to the database system.
    • 9999% Availability: The "non-shared symmetrical active-active" storage architecture developed by AccelStor ensures dual-copy data protection, ultra-low latency synchronous writes of less than 0.5 milliseconds, and a storage system reliability of up to 99.9999%.
    • "3+2+5" Multiple Data Protection Features: The embedded "3+2+5" multiple data protection features of the NeoSapphire all-flash array contribute to safeguarding the availability of medical cloud storage resources at the architecture, storage, and SSD levels. The user-friendly management interface facilitates worry-free operation for cloud service operation and maintenance teams.
    • 24x7 IT Support and Maintenance: AccelStor provides 24/7 online operation and maintenance services for the medical cloud. Moreover, it offers after-sales service support, guaranteeing 4 hours of on-site support for critical cases (P1) to prevent business interruption.

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