Service Packages Silver (default) Gold (5×8) Platinum (7×24)
Spares Packs Next Business Day Next Day 4 Hours
Onsite Support - Next Day 4 Hours
Service Hotline 24×7 24×7 24×7
Response Time 4 Hours 2 Hours 0.5 Hour
Inspection for Fault Prevention - Once a Year Twice a Year

Value-Added Services

Name Features Benefits
Integrated Installation Service Package service of integration, configuration, and verification of Client host virtualization, OS, and database. Shorten online deployment time
Inspection for Fault Prevention Log analysis, system check, active recommendations Active detection for fault prevention
Microcode Firmware Upgrade Service Utility evaluation of microcode firmware version, compatibility check, on-site version upgrade Eliminate hidden dangers and improve robustness
5×8 NBD Onsite Service 5×8 Onsite Service for operation and maintenance monitoring, repair requests, system change, and daily inspection
Save labor resources, Improve efficiency
Data Migration Service Storage device replacement, data replication, and migration planning Improve data efficiency and simplify deployment
Storage Capacity Evaluation Service Storage Capacity Evaluation Service Improve operation and maintenance efficiency
Storage Performance Optimization Service Performance evaluation and optimization Enhance business capability
Disaster Recovery Consultation Service Evaluation of high availability and business continuity Data center transformation
Data Center Relocation Service Physical Data migration Data center transformation
Data Center Environment Assessment Detection of static electricity, air pollution, and corrosion, cold and hot channel evaluation Improve efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions

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