NeoSapphire H810

AccelStor's NeoSapphire AFAs: To increase data efficiency is to improve enterprise efficiency. Therefore, to meet future efficiency needs, enterprises need high-performance data storage. And AccelStor's AFA of NeoSapphire series offers you two choices—Professional models with higher IOPS and HA (High Availability) models with symmetric active-active shared-nothing architecture. AccelStor's NeoSapphire AFAs provide uncompromised product performance and service experience, ensuring enterprise data security while meeting the four performance requirements of high performance, high capacity, high reliability, and high cost-effectiveness.

Data security: With the "3+2+5" data protection strategy, AccelStor's NeoSapphire AFA fully protects your critical data.
"3": AccelStor's AFA uses a symmetric active-active architecture. Each node is equipped with two protection groups and two hot spare disks.
"2": Support Snapshot and Clone.
"5": Support real-time data synchronization to fully back up local snapshot files to remote nodes, external NAS storage devices, public clouds, and other locations.

High Performance: Even in the most stringent 4KB random write application scenario, each node sustains an average of over 700K I/O per second and provides over 110K IOPS for 4KB random writes, meeting high-performance requirements of I/O intensive applications, including artificial intelligence, virtualization, database, media production, etc.

High Availability: Provide more stable and reliable performance. Each node has two protection groups and two hot spare disks without using a cache for acceleration.

High Capacity: NeoSapphire AFAs employ many data reduction technologies to increase storage efficiency. i.e., inline deduplication and compression, background deduplication and compression in off-peak hours. At the same time, NeoSapphire AFAs can allow users to expand storage capacity by connecting with expansion cabinets to increase the overall adequate capacity if necessary.

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