Warranty Period Query
Warranty Period Query

Check Your Warranty Coverage

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  • 1 Where can I find my serial number?
    You can find the SN on the web interface or check the bar code outside the package or on the panel.
    1、Please scan the QR code and follow our WeChat official account for more details.
    2、Click “Contact us” for online Q&A support.
    • (NeoSapphire Series)
    • (NeoGarnet Series)
    • (GPU Server Series)
  • 2 Warranty Coverage here only extends to AccelStor's Original End User Customer while not applying to the service provided by a Third Party.
  • 3 If there is any conflict with contract terms and conditions, the contract terms and conditions shall prevail. You can report the error on the webpage or contact us for verification.


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  • Helpdesk Hotline: 400-996-7979

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