What is a True All Flash Array?
What is a True All Flash Array?

AccelStor breaks the technical performance bottleneck of HDD and innovates on both storage system and architecture. It develops FlexiRemap technology, which manages underlying flash memory from the core level of the operating system instead of simply upgrading traditional architecture and RAID technology.

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    All Flash Storage

    Distinctive physical nature of flash memory: Unlike HDD, SSD cannot overwrite and has a limited number of P/E Cycles. It needs excellent grasping of SSD physical features in application management to ensure good storage performance, lifespan and security.
    The traditional RAID technology, which is still widely used at present, has apparent disadvantages for random write will significantly reduce SSD lifespan and performance due to write amplification and garbage collection.

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    AccelStor’s Innovation on Both System and Architecture

    The core algorithm and architecture of the storage operating system are the key to an all-flash array. As the foundation of the storage system, the architecture ensures primary performance and data security for data storage. A system conforming to the architecture's physical features will play a decisive role in maximizing hardware performance.

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    Symmetric Active-Active Shared-Nothing Architecture

    AccelStor’s symmetric active-active shared-nothing design strengthens performance and backup mechanism and realizes real-time data synchronization between two nodes through high-speed interfaces. Even under the data protection level of double copies, the storage architecture can still achieve ultra-low latency synchronous writing within 1 millisecond and storage reliability of up to 99.9999%. Thanks to FlexiRemap’s built-in 2(N+1) proprietary algorithm, NeoSapphire™ AFA can sustain the service when two SSDs fail at the same time or even in the event of a controller or flash drive failure.

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    FlexiRemap® technology

    AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® technology is software based on improving the fundamentals of flash memory. It enables AFAs to meet data-access demands more efficiently than conventional storage arrays or Flash arrays running RAID schemas. FlexiRemap® is crucial in speeding up random-write access patterns, which significantly cause storage bottlenecks. FlexiRemap® ensures that AccelStor storage devices meet the stringent performance demands of mission-critical applications.

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