Case Studies
Case Studies

AccelStor Helps a Leading Financial Company Address Data Storage Challenges

" The excellent performance of AccelStor's all-flash array is impressive and can shorten the decision-making time to one-tenth of the original. Secondly, the innovative 'non-shared active-active' storage architecture and flash management technology bring a sense of security. What impresses us most is the professional services that understand business and technical challenges from our perspective. "
Head of Big Data Service Department of a leading Internet finance company
  • Customer Profile

    In the era of PC Internet, this prominent Internet financial company's website, serving as one of China's earliest financial information portals, consistently held the top position in the industry for five consecutive years. It excelled in metrics such as average daily time spent by visitors, daily clicks, individual usage time, and clicks per user. As of April 2022, its financial information website continued to hold the second position in the industry for PC access coverage.

    In the mobile Internet era, the company has transitioned into a more intelligent and platform-oriented entity. Its securities service APP has garnered over 400 million downloads, placing it among the top three in terms of active users and average daily usage time per person when compared to similar apps.

    Evolving from an Internet financial information platform to an Internet brokerage and wealth management platform, the enterprise has crafted an Internet wealth management ecosystem. This ecosystem integrates content, socialization, transactions, and data, offering comprehensive financial services such as financial transactions, quotation inquiries, information browsing, community exchanges, and data support to a vast user base.

  • Challenges

    Effectively leveraging data to drive business decisions and operations remains an ongoing challenge for the "Big Data Service" department overseeing the "data center." Achieving data convergence, integration, purification, processing, and visualization is crucial for enabling internal staff to apply data more efficiently, ultimately providing customers with valuable information and personalized interactions.

    The security and efficiency of the supporting storage behind this operation are paramount. With the data storage device update cycle approaching, the department faces the decision of whether to upgrade the existing devices or replace them with new ones.

  • 2023122907162146

    In addressing these challenges, the company's Big Data Service Department selected AccelStor's NeoSapphire H710 all-flash array as the data storage solution. This choice was made with a focus on maintaining security and high efficiency, ultimately replacing the original storage system.

  • 2022121907451099
    • The NeoSapphire AFA unlocks the exceptional performance of flash memory, boasting data write speeds 2.66 times faster than similar products, with an impressive 99.9999% availability. Additionally, it significantly reduces long-term storage costs through innovative technology that extends the lifespan of flash drives by up to 60%.
    • In practical testing, using personalized product recommendations as an example, the NeoSapphire products from AccelStor substantially increase process efficiency. From data capture and analysis to generating personalized recommendations, the entire decision-making time is shortened to one-tenth of the original duration.
    • At AccelStor, a customer-centric approach is integral across all touchpoints. From product design to data storage management, maintenance, deployment, and smooth upgrades of the storage system to post-sales support, the AccelStor team consistently prioritizes the customer's perspective. They provide sustainable, high-quality services with a mindset focused on mutual growth, fostering long-term business relationships.

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