Case Studies
Case Studies

From "Hybrid Flash Storage" to "All-Flash Storage", the financial enterprise joins hands with AccelStor in boosting its storage performance.

"As the internal demand of the digital product development department surges by 30%, how to solve the '4+1 Challenge' in storage performance? From Hybrid Flash Array to All Flash Array, AccelStor is trusted as a good helper by the non-banking financial listed enterprise in boosting its storage performance."


There are over 300 team members in the company's product development department. They work for the front-end product, including demand coordination, development, testing, final delivery, product launch, operation, and maintenance. Under the digitalization background, the team's demands for development and version upgrading boosted, with a 30% year-on-year increase in 2020. Many technical problems have to be solved, such as the system stability needing to be improved, low overall development efficiency caused by the use of different development languages at the same time, various data caliber, unavailable end-to-end data transmission…

The product development team also improves their skills in response to the increase in requirements for front-end applications. Still, the accelerating process of business-end digitalization also asks for extreme development efficiency, posing a '4+1 Challenge' to the entire IT architecture, especially storage performance.

How to quickly set up a virtual environment and significantly shorten the time of cloning and backup?
The development environment is faced with massive data access. How to improve the response speed of the database?
How to meet the performance requirements of high-performance computing and a large number of data calls in the test phase?
How to realize the data security and protection of the whole process?
How to upgrade IT architecture and improve storage performance with a limited budget?

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    From HDD, Hybrid Flash Array to All Flash Array, the inevitable trend of storage technology

    One of the top priority tasks for the product development department is reducing virtual machine memory consumption. The "Hybrid Flash Array" solution of using some SSDs based on HDD architecture was introduced as an initial attempt, which did get a better outcome but still took too long in cloning, backup, and other links.

    Through strenuous searching, the product development department finally chose AccelStor’s NeoSapphire H710 AFA (All Flash Array) for its competitive price and excellent tested performance.

  • 2022122603283171

    125% performance conversion rate rise of the underlying SSD

    Under the level of data protection, AccelStor’s AFA can ensure the performance conversion rate of the underlying SSD is as high as 90%. In comparison, the performance conversion rate of other solutions with the same SSDs can only reach 40%.

    90% time reduction of cloning and backup

    AccelStor’s AFA can help to complete 1TB cloning or backup within 20 minutes.

    99.9999% data reliability

    The high availability and fault tolerance of NeoSapphire H710 AFA ensures no single node failure, eliminating service downtime and reducing the risk of an unexpected power outage, which is of significant importance for the development department with time pressure, heavy tasks, and multiple projects.

    66.75% data efficiency after improvement and a 3:1 data deduplication ratio for 30TB data

    The "hybrid flash" solution requires more capacity to satisfy the development department's capacity need of 30TB. AccelStor's NeoSapphire H710 improves storage efficiency through data deduplication and compression. As a result, it perfectly meets the capacity requirements of virtual machine memory.

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