Case Studies
Case Studies

Big Data Analytics 100x Faster: AccelStor and Chain Sea Build a Powerful Public Opinion Platform for Hotai Motor

• Data processing speed increased by 100x
• Easy and flexible deployment
• Complete and timely technical support

AccelStor has successfully resolved our big data analytics performance bottleneck by significantly increasing data processing speed, resulting in enhanced efficiency and a better user experience. Amazingly, AccelStor’s NeoSapphire™ all-flash array shortens data processing time from 1,200 seconds to just 10 seconds.
Yao-Tsue Shen, Digital Services Manager, Chain Sea Information Integration
  • Challenges

    With the rapid development of mobile services and social networking websites, up to 92% of consumers nowadays seek opinions online via community-based or public networks before making purchase decisions. Hotai Motor’s challenge was to collect and analyze massive volumes of public opinion data as quickly as possible to understand customers’ needs in a timely fashion, offer services tailored to them, and handle social media issues. Seeing these potential benefits, Hotai Motor chose to work with Chain Sea Information Integration to build an Insight platform for public opinion analysis.

    The resulting Insight platform includes a MongoDB server installed with Elasticsearch, an Insight website management server, and a server hosting crawler. The crawler scans websites and social media platforms and extracts information relevant to Hotai Motor so as to gather timely feedback from their customers.

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    Conducting keyword searches and analysis can be quite complex and usually generates massive amounts of data, which traditional data processing application software is inadequate to deal with.

    Chain Sea faced a performance bottleneck caused by the growing data volume; the whole data processing operation could

    take up to 1,200 seconds. Such low data processing efficiency made it less likely for Hotai Motor to receive timely public opinion analysis and immediately respond to social media issues.

    In establishing the platform, Chain Sea identified the performance bottleneck as coming from the disk storage used for the Elasticsearch and MongoDB servers. After testing many storage systems, Chain Sea chose AccelStor’s NeoSapphire all-flash array to beat the bottleneck.

  • 2022121907590232

    The NeoSapphire all-flash array has brought the following major benefits to Hotai Motor:

    • Outstanding Performance: FlexiRemap® software technology enables the NeoSapphire™ 3605 to offer an outstanding 360K IOPS for 4KB random writes and process data 100x faster to greatly improve the performance of the Insight platform.

    • Robust Data Protection: Proprietary data remapping technology and a global wear leveling algorithm reduce unnecessary I/O overhead, enabling data to be distributed evenly across SSDs, and maximizing SSD utilization.

    • Superior Price-Performance Ratio: AccelStor’s software-defined approach unleashes the true performance of storage hardware and ensures sustained high performance and robust data protection, providing customers with superior price-performance flash storage.

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