Case Studies
Case Studies

Topkey Group Uses NeoSapphire™ All-Flash Array to Enhance Virtual Server Performance and Deployment Flexibility

• Remarkable enhancement in server virtualization and productivity
• Better SSD endurance
• Agile deployment
• Superior price-performance ratio

Among many brands in the market, AccelStor provides impressive performance and reliability and timely and first-rate technical support services. After introducing NeoSapphire™ all-flash array(AFA) to our storage system, we see a significant enhancement in the overall performance of our virtual servers. In addition, the NeoSapphire™ all-flash array delivers a superior price-performance advantage over its competitors and ensures low maintenance costs. There is no doubt that it was the best choice for Topkey.
Ding-Chu Chen from Information Technology Department at Topkey Group


With the growth in global business and the company expansion, Topkey realized that PCI-E SSDs could no longer handle their rapidly growing databases. Moreover, the SSD lifespan was short when using the conventional RAID architecture; this increased the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the IT department's maintenance burden. To solve this performance bottleneck, Topkey urgently needed a better storage solution.
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    Topkey implemented AccelStor’s NeoSapphire™ AFA for their virtualization platform after evaluating several storage solutions. Powered by AccelStor’s award-winning FlexiRemap® software technology, the NeoSapphire all-flash array enables more efficient data processing and a longer SSD lifespan, unleashing the true performance of the enterprise SSDs inside the array. Its built-in web-based user interface makes it easier to manage storage volumes attached to multiple servers. FlexiRemap® comes with built-in data protection and fault tolerance, which provides better protection against SSD failure than standard RAID. In addition, the overall deployment flexibility can be significantly improved by using 10GbE transmission to share NFS shares with a KVM virtual platform.

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    The NeoSapphire™ AFA is powered by AccelStor’s core technology—FlexiRemap®, a unique software architecture featuring a proprietary data remapping algorithm designed to work based on the fundamentals of flash memory. It has brought the following remarkable benefits for Topkey:

    • Offer an outstanding 360K IOPS for 4KB random writes, which significantly enhances the performance of virtual servers

    • Proprietary data remapping technology and global wear-leveling algorithm reduce unnecessary I/O overhead and maximize SSD lifespan

    • AccelStor’s software-defined approach unleashes the true performance of storage hardware, ensures sustained high performance and robust data protection, providing customers a superior price-performance flash storage

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