D1000 Series

D1000 Series

NeoAmethyst D1000 can provide easy unstructured data management in physical, virtual, and cloud environments, such as media contents (video, image, audio, etc.), backup images and archiving, virtual image, as well as big data (log, RFID data, etc.) and is ideal for a variety of scenarios, such as telecommunication, entertainment, education, energy, and public utilities.


NeoAmethyst D1000
Storage Architecture
Fully symmetric distributed architecture with no metadata
Support file, object, and block storage services
Nodes Type
General models, Capacity models, Performance models
Min. Number of Nodes
Max. Number of Nodes
Front-end Network Types
1GbE Ethernet or 10GbE Ethernet or 25GbE or 100GbE or InfiniBand
Back-end Network Types
10GbE Ethernet or 25GbE or 100GbE integrated Soft-RoCE, low-latency Ethernet InfiniBand data transmission, InfiniBand, Remote DMA
Data Redundancy
Erasure Code, Replication
Data Replication
Remote data replication can keep the target data when the source data is deleted. Flexible setting of schedules and policies
Data archiving
Diverse replication modes: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many
One-way and two-way replication
Incremental replication
Thin Provisioning
Data Self-Healing
Automatic, concurrent and quick data recovery
Multiple Protocols Supported
iSCSI,NFS,CIFS, FTP,HTTP,HTTPS,HDFS,Amazon/S3, SNMP,NDMP,LDAP,Microsoft Active Directory
Solaris,AIX,HP-UX,Windows,Linux,Mac OS
System Management
Web-UI and directory-based capacity management.
Storage space isolation, different configurations, certifications and authority could be applied. Alarm notification by email, SMS, SNMP, SYSLOG
Storage performance monitoring: graphical display of real-time and historical performance data
System Maintenance
Automatic faulty disk detection and alarm notification with support for batch replacement of faulty disks, eliminating the need for immediate disk replacement and reducing manual maintenance workloads
Enterprise-Level Features
CACHE modules for power-off protection, SSD lifespan monitoring
The built-in Netdisk service offers a managed file sync and shares solutions with below outstanding features:
-- No limitation on upload/download speed
-- No limitation on file transfer size
-- Inherent high availability from D1000 distributed storage, ensuring continuous data access when any single node faults, no data loss if at least one node is alive(Multiple Replicas)
-- Live preview, online editing, package downloading, annotation, Version Control, Favorites file/folder, message notification, resume from a breakpoint, file share, external link management, collaborative editing, file sync, conflict management, etc.
SaaS offer:
-- built-in approval process for storage resource management
-- authority management
-- easy operation with Web UI

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