• Is there a list of supported OS, or is any standard iSCSI initiator supported?

    NeoSapphire products are compatible with all platforms that support standard iSCSI protocols, including VMWare ESXi, Windows Server OS, and different Linux distributions such as RedHat and CentOS.

  • Does NeoSapphire support Windows AD?

    Microsoft® AD support for NeoSapphire products is under implementation. Details of this feature are subject to modification.

  • Parity is only stored on one drive per node. Is this correct?

    We use only one drive capacity for parity, and the parity is saved across 11 SSD drives.

  • Thin provisioning is supported, but how does it work?

    Example: If you have 50 users and each user has 100GB of storage space, the total capacity you’d need is 5TB. However, because not all users need to use their space, much capacity could be wasted. Thin provisioning alleviates this problem by flexibly allocating disk storage space among users based on the minimum space required by each user at any time.

  • Does NeoSapphire support snapshots and replication?

    NeoSapphire models support snapshots features (Free Clone, Snapshots Backup/Recovery), Volume Replication, and Remote Replication.

  • Can I replace the spinning disks in a conventional disk array with SSDs?

    Yes, you can, but you will experience performance bottlenecks and a shortened SSD lifespan.

    The RAID 5 algorithm in conventional disk arrays has more overhead in modification and random write operations. The 4KB random write IOPS in software RAID 5 is around 5K - 78K. AccelStor FlexiRemap technology converts random writes into sequential writes to reach an excellent performance of up to 1M IOPS. Due to the limited P/E cycles of flash memory, FlexiRemap uses global wear leveling to extend the flash lifespan compared to conventional disk arrays.

  • Can I buy a third-party SSD to replace a faulty SSD on NeoSapphire?

    AccelStor has qualified the SSDs used on NeoSapphire after multiple tests to ensure high performance and reliability. Currently, third-party SSDs are not supported.

  • Can I change the default RAID mode?

    Every NeoSapphire product is shipped with FlexiRemap flash array management software. The RAID mode cannot be changed.

  • Does NeoSapphire support iSER and SRP?

    The NeoSapphire 3501 and 3505 support iSER (iSCSI over RDMA) and SRP. iSER does not carry the TCP layer overhead and provides low latency and high throughput performance. The NeoSapphire 3501 and 3505 4KB random write is up to 360K and 600K IOPS, suitable for write-intensive applications in the existing InfiniBand topology.

  • Which of the network load balance configurations do not need switch support?

    Only the following network load balance configuration types can work without switch support:


    For other network load balance configuration types, please reference to your switch user manual for more details.

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